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Not as we know it. 

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“Mental ill-health, stress, depression and anxiety is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days

each year - more than any other illness” 

Mental Health Foundation (2019)




Think about your home, car or train/bus, your office - Any space we exist in has the potential to make us feel a certain way. Too many of us forget how to look after the people and spaces we work and play in. Create the right energy in your workplace to inspire peak performances in a harmonious atmosphere.



A 2018 study showed mental health related absences, including stress, anxiety and depression are responsible for a UK employer revenue loss of 8.4 billion pound each year. A further 2.4 billion is lost replacing staff who leave because of mental ill health. In the face of such figures - savy employers are now embracing a positive approach to mental well-being to stay ahead in the market.



Understand what drives people to perform. Inspire and maximise individual performance potential by creating a culture that encourages and enables employees to grow and develop. Face up to work related anxiety caused by workloads, pressures and expectations. Understand how to cultivate creativity, responsibility, autonomy, this is the ultimate pathway to fulfillment - a state which reflects peak performaces.



Studies abound have discovered that happier people, who feel valued and cared by their employer are far more productive, creative and loyal. Happier employees are more productive as they have a strong sense of contribution and understand their own mission, as well as that of the organisation. Losses of productivity reached 15.1 billion in the UK during 2017 - because of mental health related absences. Happiness in the new way to measure productivity.

“Mental ill-health costs 8.4 billion each year, plus another 15.1 billion in lost productivity”

Health & Safety Executive


I would like to personally thank James Bridgewater for providing much needed Mental Health training to our colleagues in Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK. On the day he went into depth about how mental health has changed over the years with life styles and social media, he offered us guidance and support at the training and had an open and welcoming approach. All colleagues found the event not only informative but also a left with a greater knowledge and understanding on how we can support others if needed.

Highly recommend James Bridgewater for his work and will be using his services again.


 Lynn Nolan | ELPL Team Leader | Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK


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