We are a small and carefully selected team of expert and experienced clinicians who are passionate about providing mental health insight and education, directly into work places.

We believe that for far too long, we have relied on external health services to address our mental, psychological and emotional difficulties. However, what we are too often discovering is that as human beings, we are too complex, too dynamic, too wonderful for our needs to be met, purely by a medically lead service. 

We know that education and meaningful insight are proven pathways to growth. 


We now live in a era of inflated business competition and pressure and yet we rely on a workforce not yet adapted or ready for the challenges of stress, anxiety and depression.


The most successful and thriving business’s are those whose strategies are to harness the mental wellbeing of their employees. Educating and informing people how to not only self manage their mental and emotional wellbeing better but to optimise the potential for exponential personal growth - must be the priority of any business who want to stay ahead in any competetive market place

I am The Clinical Director and Founder James Bridgewater. I am a Qualified Mental Health Prescribing Practitioner with over 15 years of experience as a Clinician. I created the idea to pass on and share unique mental health insights through training directed into work places, while I was working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a busy City Centre General Practice.


Over many years I was seeing growing numbers of patients with depression and anxiety, as well as other emotional and distressed mental states, caused or strongly associated with work related stress. In exploring the true source of distress, I began to identify very clear patterns of human responses to common stimulus, in the work place or at home.


The idea to capture larger audiences at the same time was then born. My own experience has taught me that learning together cultivates feelings of connection and community and that this is proven to be a good place to start. I believe in meeting people where they are at, apposed to a "one size fits all" approach, which is why I offer bespoke training as well as accredited training package.

I feel compelled to support organisations help their people skillfully develop a repertoire of responses which are required today to thrive in a fast changing modern society.  The Buddhist philosophy - that we are not separate from one another, I have found is both practical and highly operational to think of of ourselves and work places in this way, crucially - when trying to cultivate an organisational culture of wellnessresponsibility and growth.


My experiences helped me to realise that even in cases, where people had not yet developed symptoms of a mental illness, if we are somewhere on a spectrum of wellness and illness at apposing ends, most of us are functioning in our daily lives in stressful states, living far less than fulfilled lives. The problem in modern society, when it comes to taking care and attention of our minds, we are too distracted, too busy and too exhausted from the day to day operation of juggling everything else that we place as a higher priority.


Far too often, we procrastinate, put off and think "some day" Ill pay attention to the signals my body and mind are trying to communicate with me. If only this was true. The temptation is to turn away from what makes us afraid or anxious, distract ourselves again or choose to look for a moments pleasure on our technological devices.

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