• We specialise in work place mental health training for employees, managers and HR Personnel
  • Accredited and Bespoke Training to meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • We we help you get to grips to better manage prolonged periods of mental health related absences and incidences
  • Our goal is to help you reduce frequency and length of mental ill health related absences
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Introduce your workforce and leaders to Mindfulness and learn other proven strategies for wellness
  • Our training is Informative, educational, practical and relatable, delivered by qualified and experienced clinicians
  • Educate and empower a work force to take ownership when it comes to taking care of their own mental health
  • Keep in touch - On going support, guidance and sign posting will always be offered as we like to keep on touch with our friends


We specialise in the delivery of inspiring, relatable and practical training packages designed to support organisations and their staff to better-understand and manage complex mental health situations. Our dedicated training packages are accredited, evidence based, authoritative and combined with a wealth of clinical experience.
Our strategies for wellbeing are centred in a mindfulness approach to life, which is heavily embodied in all of our teachings.

Signature Courses

Cultivating Stress Resilience

2 Day Accredited Training


Helps delegates identify sources of stress, responses and learn strategies for work and wellness. 

12 CPD Points

Mental Health Awareness

Full day Training

Gain valuable insights into signs, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments, while understanding impact on work, relationships and happiness.


Full | Half day Training


Learn to cultivate a Mindfulness approach at work and life. 

Introducing concepts and evidence of Meditation to improve performace and wellbeing.

Helping others & Interventions

Full | Half Day Training

Learn how to spot the signs someone you care about is becoming unwell and how to approach.


Organisational health & safety responsibilities and reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act - are now common place language amongst Human Resource and Occupational Health Departments. It can be a mine field and no two episodes are the same. We are here to help and guide you. 
Some of the common questions we are frequently asked are:

  • How do we support an employee during a mental health related absense?

  • How long can we expect a period of recovery?

  • Will medication or talking therapy impact their work performance?

  • What adjustements can we make? Does this come under The Equality Act?

Giving a Presentation

With the speed and growth of mental health related problems in today’s work force, more businesses and organisations refer to our team for a personable, confidential and reliable solution to provide a smooth and safe transition back to work. 

Stress is a health and safety concern and it has a close relationship with mental health conditions and relapse. 

Our consultancy service gives you the time, space and knowledge needed to support managers and employees safely back to work during and after an episode of mental illness. Studies abound are discovering  that positively supporting a person back to work following a mental health episode builds trust, loyalty and encourages improved performance, while crucially avoiding similar or equally as prolonged episodes again in the future.

We will also take a closer look at how to manage existing mental health problems that require deeper understanding and insight and how to best approach and support people who are at risk of relapse.

With an understanding of what can causes an episode of mental ill health, we will explore and delve deeper into examining proven strategies to promote wellness using a repertoire of physical, practical and psychological techniques.


Welcome Friends,


In this section you can discover more about the 1:1 sessions I provide.


I offer a comprehensive Mental Health Assessment, Clinical Impression, Recovery and Treatment Plan as well as expert coaching to guide you on your journey.


I have extensive experience working with people in mental health crisis across NHS and private services in the UK, New Zealand and distant parts of the globe. With over 15 years experience working in front line services, I am a Qualified Mental Health Nurse and Independent Pharmacological Prescriber.


I use the most up to date, relevant and practical evidence based practice. However, The foundations in my approach are found in eastern philosophy, mindfulness, psychodynamics and compassion for people. I offer a non conventional road map towards recovery and I always keep an open mind. I believe in the power of peoples stories, meeting people where they are at, exposing truth and helping people to find their authenticity.

Bases across Liverpool and Skype.

Mental Health Initial Assessment


Your private consultation is dedicated time to gain a deeper understanding about you, your psychological, emotional difficulties, clinical symptoms as well as your story.


You will be given an idea of the clinical impression or diagnosis and a treatment plan will be agreed.


Pharmacological Treatment


If you are prescribed medication, before you make a decision - we will fully explain what to expect, benefits and risks and all potential and likely side effects and interactions, as well as discuss any concerns or myths about specific drugs.

Follow up appointments  

The purpose of reviews is to check progress, response to medication and whether we are on the right track for you.


Review sessions are opportunities where you can be guided and supported to explore deeper meaning behind thoughts and feelings, which have been holding you back or causing problems.


We will also give you expert coaching, teach strategies to not only stay well but to optimise growth potential.


 Assessment   |   Diagnosis   |   Treatment  |  Coaching